Chapter AKA Scott Gray

A citizen of the world, Chapter is an artistic nomad who draws inspiration from his visits to many lands – Japan, Mexico, India, New York, Ibiza and from the place of his birth, England.

His imagination fired by comic-book heroes, he began to explore the artistic roots of his mentors. Soon, he discovered a shared love of 1960s pop art luminaries including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns along with sculptors, Jacob Epstein and Umberto Boccioni. These trailblazers would give Chapter an added depth to his developing visual soundtrack.

But his passion was also his secret. For years he kept his artistic streak hidden beneath an existence of apparent conventionality. Then, from the seemingly mundane something extraordinary happened.

It was his wedding anniversary. He decided to design a card inspired by the aesthetics of the Mexican Day of the Dead. [Because nothing says ‘Happy Anniversary’ quite like a grinning skull!]

The image was only meant to be a one-off gift. But, it was seen by an acquaintance who wanted a similar work for himself. Then came another commission. And another. Suddenly, Chapter had a new career as an increasingly in-demand artist.

It is now a continuing journey. There are always unseen influences to discover, inspiring places to visit. Every step is a new Chapter, reflected in his art.​ It’s a voyage for all to see and to own a part of – at least for the fortunate few.

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