Todd Graft

Todd Graft was that annoying person who had a camera in yer face when you were at your highest and in some of your personal moments. People often thanked him though, because someone was there to capture ’YOU’ in one of the best eras of clubbing history. 

Born in Liverpool in the Beatles area, treading with older hippies and mixing in the world of music. A good initiation since he really grew up in Manchester in the heyday of Joy Division and the Buzzcocks, then following through in the days of New Order, the Smiths, the Mondays and of the Roses.

Some great times were had and overall captured the lives of at least two generations.

Since the days of stills, Todd is still in the music industry, creating amazing visual shows for artists, club promotions, tours and festivals. This year he designed the stage installation and the media for David Guetta @ Hi club, Ibiza; whilst also helping GreenPeace to save our planet. Hard to go back when u have the magic to create so much more, but photography was his first love…

However nothing will ever be more incredible than watching a piece of paper slowly developing into a memory that was.

“Stealing from the present, keeping the past and saving it for the future.”

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